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  Casa de Luna

Welcome on the website of “ Casa de Luna ”

Somebody once said:

“Don’t dream of another life, but live your dream!”

This is the startingpoint of our adventure.

Some say it’s too early to move abroad to lead another life, others say it is always to late. The thruth about this, we will probably know in a few years.
But the fact remains that Inge and I were already dreaming of opening a Bed & Breakfast abroad for more than 10 years.
That abroad or foreign country has become Spain! A big holiday destination and yet not so far away from our family and loved ones.

Finding the perfect location was not easy. We had to make several trips, ... not that that was such a bad thing.

But one day, a good friend of ours, who already lives several years in Spain, send us some pictures of a beautiful house.
Those pictures were promessing but as always,we would have to see it with our own eyes.

This was the case at the end of 2011, ... and we both fell in love immediately!

The house, or better, “ Casa de Luna “ is situated outside the village of Catral.
Surrounded by Artisjok fields, weathfields, olive and palmtrees, peace an quiet come into mind.

Here we try to be good hosts and to fulfill your every need.

Fisrt to give you a nice relaxing vacation but also to pamper you in a culinaryway.

We hope to see you soon

Kind regards
Inge, Luc and Lunake

Contact us

B&B Casa de Luna
Camino del Arrendador 36
03158 Catral
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T. +34 619 626 659



Casa de Luna

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